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About Us

Testmunk automates mobile app testing

Simplifying your app testing

We are a team of mobile and automation pioneers based in Cupertino, Silicon Valley USA.

Today we’d like to tell you the story of how testmunk came to be.

Until the end of 2012, we were in the trenches ourselves, developing and improving our own mobile apps. Like you, one of the pain points we kept running into was testing our apps. Testmunk was born from our efforts at finding easier ways to test our own apps. In doing so, we realized we were onto something, and so started our journey to becoming testmunk. It began with an outright rejection of the idea that testing our apps had to be a tedious manual process. We also rejected the idea that automation was a solution that would only work for a very limited number of test cases. If we could improve the testing experience alongside building our own apps, imagine what we could do with a focused effort, and ever-growing expertise?

Testing is something so critical to app success that it must be done, but there just wasn’t an efficient current solution out there. The current industry standard of manually tapping on just a few devices to check for proper functionality is ineffective, and far too common. We had to make something happen.

All members of the testmunk team have been connected with the industry from its beginning in a multitude of ways, ranging from humble beginnings interning for a handset manufacturer in the QA department, working as a cog in the wheel for large corporations, and later building our own mobile applications. We have gone through the same things our clients have: drawing mockups on paper, the ensuing development process, and finally. the intimidating first few times seeking App Store Approval.

A pre-condition for building and shipping the best app possible is the ability to iterate quickly on features and detect regressions ideally as soon as they occur. Pure manual testing simply cannot keep up with this instant feedback cycle.

Furthermore, the mobile market is bursting with development, and constantly evolving. Almost every other week sees a new phone introduced, and OS changes occur ever more frequently as well. This makes the life of mobile developers and QA even harder. Ever-increasing device fragmentation means different screen sizes, different hardware and telco provider configurations, not to mention all the different OS versions that must be tested. It can feel near impossible to ensure that the app that you have developed with so much passion works well and will enlighten the majority of its users.

Testmunk’s mission is to make the lives of millions of mobile app developers, PMs, QA engineers and mobile executives easier. We’d like to enable them to focus on building the best app they can imagine, running it through a smoother, less painful testing process, and ultimately bringing it sooner and more successfully to millions of potential app users.

Happy testmunking!

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