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App to App Testing beta

App to App Testing for Android, iOS coming soon

What is app to app testing?

Many of today’s apps interact with or communicate with each other or other apps on the market. A primary example is an app with a messaging component, but there are numerous possibilities. Testmunk now enables you to test two devices interacting with each other. If you have an application designed to send a message or interaction of any type to another app or user, we can now test that your messages will be received.

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Powerful test report available

During test execution testmunk automatically creates screenshots from each teststep both on your primary and secondary device. A timeline with teststeps shows you the current step that was executed on both devices indicating a "pass" or "fail". The screenshots are available in high resolution and device logs are available to download as well.

Why do we do this?

Until recently, testers had to take two test devices in hand, and send messages back and forth. Those deploying any type of social app know what I mean. Before testmunk, when we worked on own social apps, we performed this testing in a similar way. However, as our goal is to improve the testing experience in whatever way we can, we felt there should be a better way, saving you time and headaches. App to app testing is a natural extension of our automated mobile app testing capabilities that we can enable per request for select clients.

How does it work?

After starting a testrun, testmunk installs and launches your android apk file on both devices. The testcase will have a parameter that allows you to switch between the two devices within one testcase. This means that you can tell the testcase to write and send a message from Device A, and then within the same testcase switch to Device B and establish a verification step that the message appears as written. Other interactions can also be tested, for example, verifying that a counter changed to ‘+1’ (for example a social app adding another contact) or the colour changed to reflect a new status, or any other variants.

How does it benefit me?

The benefits of this new capability are clear, especially if you work on a messaging app, or any app that is dependent on a counterpart. In testing with us, you have access to several devices, allowing you to easily establish testing pairs. We will be able to automate testcases using these pairs for you, so that you can save time, particularly on regression testing. Our goal, as always, is to help you bring your app releases to market faster.

How can I get started?

Getting started is as simple as requesting a demo. Upon receiving your request, we can hop on a brief call and get you started.

Some of the messaging apps using testmunk

About Testmunk

Testmunk automates mobile app testing. Several of the top apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store currently rely on testmunk for their automated testing and cloud device labs. Testmunk supports both iOS and Android for real device testing. Not only does testmunk offer a state of the art platform for test automation, and real devices for testing through its cloud device lab, but also several QA Automation experts that can quickly get you up and running with automated app testing.