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Case Studies

Read about some popular apps that have used Testmunk and Automated App Testing to improve their QA process and results

Flipboard Flipboard

Flipboard has over 70 million active users worldwide and has been featured in the App Store on several occasions. Testmunk helped Flipboard to introduce automated testing in their previously highly manual QA process. Testmunk helped to set up the initial framework, and now maintains existing testcases and contributes new testcases.

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QuizUp QuizUp

QuizUp is a popular Trivia Game that has millions of users worldwide. The QA lead at Plain Vanilla Games, “Guffi” Sveinsson, reached out to testmunk in order to find a more efficient way to test their app versions. They previously relied only on extensive and time consuming manual testing.

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Secret Secret

Secret was a popular anonymous message sharing app that received a lot of traction in America, specifically in Silicon Valley (Link here). Testmunk worked with Secret in their efforts to tap into the growing Android market, by helping them rigorously test their Android launch and avoid device fragmentation issues.

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3nder 3nder

3nder is a dating app that focuses on people that are looking to find multiple partners for a threesome. It is designed to allow singles to find couples looking for that extra person to spice up their love life. After introducing testmunk, 3nder accelerated on their release iterations. As Dimo, the founder, outlined:

This meant we could always rely on our test cases to save us a lot of time over manual testing.
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LifeLine Response LifeLine Response

LifeLine Response is a personal protection app that calls 911 when you trigger an alarm. The undertaking of scripting over 140 testcases was done by two of testmunk’s automation engineers and within only a few weeks, LifeLine Response had reduced manual testing time ten-fold.

We previously needed 7-10 hours to execute our testing. Testmunk does it in less than 55 min.

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LifeLine Response

Teambox Teambox

Teambox, now dubbed Redbooth, is a popular project management tool based in Spain and Redwood City, California. Their founder, Pablo Villalba, highlights the benefits they’ve seen by establishing their first automated testcases.

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Presinder Presinder

Presinder is a new app that helps Americans find the presidential candidate that resonates with their beliefs the most. It’s the tinder for presidential campaigns. Sant is an indie developer who has been using testmunk to test his features.

In a short amount of time I was able to get some testcases in place that ended up helping me every day.
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