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Testmunk automates mobile app testing

How does Testmunk work?

Testmunk automates mobile app testing. You will be able to run automated functional tests on either your local simulator or on various devices over the cloud in Testmunk’s office. Simply upload the app file together with your testcases. In realtime, Testmunk shows you testresults (pass/fail), along with high-resolution screenshots of each teststep.

Who should use Testmunk?

50% of our clients are mobile developers. The other half are usually QA specialists or product managers. Testmunk is the perfect tool to get anyone started on test automation. If you already have automation in place, Testmunk’s comprehensive testing capabilities will enhance your current procedure. Our clients tell us that they are consistently able to produce higher quality apps in a shorter amount of time.

What do I need to get started?

Getting started with Testmunk is super easy, fast and free. Create your personal Testmunk account, then login and upload your app and testcases. See our documentation for further details.

What does a plan include?

One of the most important services Testmunk offers is prompt customer support. It’s common for the Testmunk founders themselves to respond to inquiries.
Testmunk allows your tests to include as many testcases as you'd like to have, which ensures coverage of all your test scenarios. You can also run your tests locally against an emulator or on one device at no cost.
If you decide to use a paid plan, you will receive comprehensive test results informing you of pass/fail status of each teststep on every device, plus high-resolution screenshots and an email notification.

What's "device time"?

Device time is the amount of time it takes to execute your test per device. In your personal Testmunk settings view, you will be able to choose which devices to use with each of your tests.

How long does a typical test take?

It depends on how complicated your test is. As a rule of thumb, a simple “login” process takes no more than roughly 2 minutes of device time. It takes another realtime minute to load and install your app on the device, but this doesn't count towards your device time total.

What is a testcase?

A testcase consists of a series of interactions by a single user.
One example is a standard "login" process. The user interactions in this case might be actions like touching a text field, entering a username, entering a password and touching the login button, followed by an expected result (such as seeing a "Welcome" message).
All of these steps together form a testcase, which we can name "Login". Since you’ll want to test various scenarios, you’ll create other testcases, such as "Signup", "Logout" etc. In general, testing an app results in at least 20 or 30 testcases that cover functional testing.
One test consists of running your whole set of testcases on our devices.

How quickly will I get my test results?

After you’ve started your test, expect the first testresults after just three to five minutes. During the execution of the test, you can watch as testresults are constantly updated in real-time.
If a large amount of people happen to request testing on our devices at the same time, you might need to wait a few minutes before your testrun gets going. We are constantly monitoring and optimizing the execution speed, so you should never have to wait too long.

Can I use Testmunk with my Continuous Integration system?

Yes, we provide an API to upload your app file and start your testrun. Check out our API documentation for further information.

Is my testing and data secure?

The security of your app file and test data is very important to us. We use SSL encryption and store your files on secure servers on the cloud. Our devices are cleaned after every single testrun, meaning no one except you can see the results. No one else will ever have access to your files.

I have a special case. Do you offer customized solutions?

If our current offering doesn’t satisfy your needs, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We can provide you with a device set reserved exclusively for you. Even on-premise solutions in your office are possible. Get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

Do you have any further questions? Let us know.