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Munkey Testing

Our Munkey test helps you to successfully install, launch and layout
Available on Android and iOS

What is the munkey test?

One of testmunk’s main goals is to make mobile app testing easier, and we are constantly striving to find new ways to do so. In our efforts to help our clients automate their testing, we have seen hundreds of apps over the past few years, and have noted some similarities between both companies and their mobile development teams. We have had the good fortune to work with companies such as Secret, QuiZup, 3nder, Flipboard, and many more to help them achieve launch success. One of the commonalities noticed in helping these organizations and others is that many of them, when developing completely new apps or working on a major overhaul of an existing app, require a basic test that covers the following:

  • Install test: Can the app be installed without issues across all devices?
  • Launch test: Are there any crashes upon launch?
  • Specific Views test: Are there any other crashes or layout issues on specified views?

We soon realized that testing the above functionalities did not need a large script of automated tests. Taking our experience working with various companies, we have developed a universal testcase that detects elements on the views that touch it. Or a “Munkey” test, if you will.

The test detects all elements on the current screen and touches them. Instead of randomly pressing X or Y coordinates on the screen, the “Munkey” is actually interacting with the real app views, providing a more realistic response. As time goes on, we plan to add more interactions, such as swiping, keyboard events for input fields, and more.

Powerful Test report

After every step, you will see a screenshot. Moreover, testmunk provides execution, logcat and XCode logs for you to check how the test went and help you to identify any issues that might have been detected. This test has been successfully used by several of our clients with very positive results. It’s an easy and effective way to enhance your testing process.

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About Testmunk

Testmunk automates mobile app testing. Several of the top apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store currently rely on testmunk for their automated testing and cloud device labs. Testmunk supports both iOS and Android for real device testing. Not only does testmunk offer a state of the art platform for test automation, and real devices for testing through its cloud device lab, but also several QA Automation experts that can quickly get you up and running with automated app testing.