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testmunk Enterprise

Best-in-Class Enterprise App Testing

testmunk Enterprise is the on-premise version of testmunk. It is deployed and configured in your own office, letting you run your automated acceptance and integration tests for iOS and Android completely in-house.

Your devices. Your lab. Testmunk Expertise.

testmunk offers you the same amazing service as it's cloud offering in-house. We set up a device table, our server and automation technology, and let you run all your automated mobile tests in plain view

On Premise Device Lab

testmunk Enterprise

With our on-premise solution, you can deploy in your own secure environment. Watch testruns as they happen, and change or add devices any time.


With experience helping both small companies and Fortune 100 companies to effectively introduce automation, we are ready to help anyone who needs it.
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Monitoring/Admin Panel

As Admin, know what is being run, and who is running a given testrun at all times. Our monitoring allows you to troubleshoot any testrun with ease.

Technical Support 24/7

With support and expertise available 24/7, and multi-language support, testmunk ensures your testing experience is seamless.

Powerful API

testmunk's API is powerful. Select devices, testcases and trigger automatic runs based on events. Receive testresults and notify teams based on certain results. Bugs will have nowhere to hide.
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Compliance and auditing

Because testmunk on-premise runs behind your firewall, on your own network, you can be sure it complies with all internal policies, permissions, and security auditing.


Whether you have 5 or 50 users you can manage permissions and assign admin rights. Ensure that notifications for specific test-results reach their intended target.

Device Flexibility

Testmunk provides you complete flexibility on the type and number of devices that you want to use for automation. Swap out devices any time, for any reason.

Enables agile development process

Give your QA and Dev team access to execute testruns 24/7 in parallel on both android and iOS. Run as many testruns as needed. Enable your team to detect bugs earlier and to ship better quality.
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Configuration Flexibility

Configuration Flexibility

Need an additional gem or a specific version of calabash? The on-premise setup gives you the flexibility to install the gems that fit your growing needs.

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Automation and device diversity are keys to success. - Forrester

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We work with small startups to large corporations, helping all to benefit from a more effective testing platform and process