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Testmunk automates mobile app testing



Included device time 3 hours

Additional time -

QA Engineer (more) -

Available devices 1 device

Projects 1

User Accounts 1

Munkey Test (more) Yes


App to App Testing -


$ 790/mo

Included device time 25 hours

Additional time $ 9 / hour

QA Engineer (more) 3 hours

Available devices All devices

Projects 10

User Accounts 5

Munkey Test Yes


App to App Testing -


$ 4900/mo

Included device time 300 hours

Additional time $ 5 / hour

QA Engineer (more) 25 hours

Available devices All devices

Projects 35

User Accounts 50

Munkey Test Yes


App to App Testing Yes

All plans are billed quarterly.

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Derrick Lam, QA Flipboard
Testmunk enabled us to ship our app releases faster. We use testmunk several times per day and the test execution is 20x faster than executing everything manually.

Derrick Lam QA, Flipboard

Guffi Sveinsson, QA QuizUp
We didn’t have 30 – 60 hours to spend testing every build. Testmunk does it in less than 30 minutes in total across 30 devices.

Guffi Sveinsson QA, QuizUp

Jacob Adm, QA Sportsyapper
Testmunk is assisting us with test case setup and maintenance and their device cloud saves us a lot of time. We can successfully rely on their expertise.

Jacob Adm, QA Sportsyapper

Dimo Trifonov, Founder 3nder
The automation tests are a huge help. I was getting sick of doing the same tests by hand, it made me feel like a robot.

Dimo Trifonov, Founder 3nder

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