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QA Automation Engineer

As part of our paid pricing plans, assistance from one of our QA Automation Engineers is included

Each month, one of our engineers will help you either to set up new automated tests, or maintain and modify existing ones. It is easy to get started. All we need is some basic information about what you would like us to automate, and typically, within just a day or two, your organization will already benefit from automation. Our team has scripted thousands of testcases over the past few years. You are definitely in the right hands.

Our expertise

We have developed internal tools and processes that make the scripting of automated tests very fast. We have built large scale automated test suites that are both easy to set up and to maintain for many clients across various industries. After only a couple of days you will see the benefits of mobile test automation with minimum investment required.

Benefits for you

We can be your standalone QA resource or work together with you and your team. With our expertise and the help of our technology, you will be able to ship your apps faster with the best possible quality.

How you can work with us

Working with Mobile Developer, PM, Founder or CTO

You are a small team and testing is mainly spread across your team. Your app is becoming more complex and you are looking for ways to scale your mobile app testing without having to deal with hiring pains or relying on outsourced manual testers that need to be managed.

We are a team of 4 and before testmunk it was mainly me who spent so much time on manual testing. Using testmunk we find bugs way faster and can iterate quicker now. Testmunk is a perfect addition to our still small team.

Dimo Trifonov, Founder 3nder

Working with internal QA

On many occasions, we have successfully worked together with internal QA Engineers. We provide QA Engineers access to more devices, but also to use our platform to quickly automate tedious tests. We enable QA Engineers to access test reports, screenshots and device logs that they can access and use for bug filing. We set up test cases based on your individual needs, allowing your team to use them at will. Your QA efforts will see immediate benefit, specifically through faster regression tests and a more efficient team.

Introducing mobile test automation with Testmunk helped us to handle our QA efforts more effectively and launch faster with better quality.

Derrick Lam QA, Flipboard

Working with existing automation engineers

Mobile projects can become a lot to manage. As your app grows in features, platforms, complexity and user base, you will need to rely on additional resources. We have considerable experience working closely with internal Automation Engineers. This includes setting up the initial framework, providing the first 10 or 20 test cases, and on a consistent basis doing code reviews. We also know how to leverage the knowledge and experience of your organization’s Automation Engineers in order to efficiently deploy test case scripting tailored to your environment when timelines are at their tightest.

Testmunk is assisting us with the initial setup and regular maintenance of test cases. We can successfully rely on their expertise.

Jacob Adm, QA Sportsyapper

The process

After we discuss the testing requirements with you, you will be assigned a dedicated Automation QA Engineer from our team. This engineer will help set up the initial framework and testcases according to your needs. Typically, within 2 days you will be able to use your first automated test cases as part of your testing process. We will keep you updated on any bugs that we encounter while scripting providing you with the ever increasing benefits of testing automation. Complete access to the test cases allow you to contribute as needed to the process, for the best possible results. We also have a REST API so that you can fully leverage Continuous Integration.

It’s not only about automated tests

While interacting with an app we often do exploratory testing, and provide you with information about user experience issues, including look and feel across different devices. We have a great deal of experience in UX design, and are always up to date with the latest platforms guidelines for Android and iOS.